Month: March, 2009

My first official blog


Well…the cat is almost out of the bag. Very soon, I’ll be sending an email to a few friends and family letting them know about my new journey into photography. I couldn’t be happier. I spend the bulk of my free time reading or researching something about photography, trying to shoot something or anything, and playing with new techniques in Photoshop. Let me tell you….Photoshop is one complex piece of software. It reminds me a lot of AutoCAD which I used back in the day. 50 different ways to do one thing.

I’m trying to do better about keeping a camera with me at all times. I always see the best photo opportunities while I’m riding around and of course…don’t have a camera with me. Oh, I almost forgot….what is this blog about ? Well, you gotta stay up with the latest trends. You gotta own at least one Apple product, have a blog, Facebook page, skinny jeans & mohawk, etc. I’ll work on the Facebook page pretty soon, but the skinny jeans & mohawk ain’t happening. But seriously, this gives me an opportunity to speak candidly, post some pics that aren’t neccessarily portfolio or website worthy, and most importantly JUST BE ME. Eventually, I plan on getting to a point where I can share some tips and techniques of the trade.

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