Month: April, 2009

The talented Michelle


I’m spending more time shooting which leaves me less time for blogging, but I try to find time to just post a little something from from my recent shoots. I did some updated portfolio pics last weekend for a friend of mine….Michelle. This is one super talented lady….she sings, writes (music & poetry), and paints. The other cool thing about Michelle is she can give you ral different looks and never has a problem smiling or laughing. Here’s a few of my favorite pics from last weekend.

I had a lot of fun taking and editing these pics. Hair, makeup, & wardrobe was done by Ewonna Stover of Flawless FACES.

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  • Mark Walters · Posted 05-18-09 at 7:30 pm · Link · Reply

    Hello. The pictures are wonderful and you have a great eye! We share the same passion and that’s how I got to your website and blog.

    My name is Mark Walters:

    Maybe we can hook up and take some pictures when time permits.

    Keep up the god work.

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