Month: November, 2011

NFL Shooting from the sidelines | New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers


My photography schedule has been beyond crazy September through November.  Throughout all of the madness, I had the opportunity to take a break from weddings and shoot my first NFL football game from the sidelines early last month.  It was a TOTALLY different experience than a wedding day.  Things move 10 times faster !!  I learned a lot very quickly.  We all know the guys look big on TV…they look a little bigger if you attend the game in person….and they look even bigger standing right beside them on the sideline.  You don’t realize how big Cam Newton is until you stand next to him.  It was a bright sunny day and the weather was perfect for football.  It was a also breast cancer awareness month for the NFL so you’ll see quite a few players decked out in pink attire showing their support.  Here’s a few images from the game.

The entrance of our hometown Carolina Panthers !!

I had Darren Sproles in my fantasy lineup that day so I couldn’t help but root for him 🙂  That guy is amazingly quick.

Heisman Trophy winner and #1 Draft pick Cam Newton

Jimmy Graham leads the NFL in total yards for tight ends.

It’s a little tough to see, but Cam is actually crossing the goal line for a TD here….and then his signature celebration.

I love the eye of the Panther in the background on this shot. That pretty much sums up Steve Smith’s intensity

Love this shot of Brees in the huddle…

That’s over 1,000 lbs of linemen right there. No wonder Drew Brees is on pace to break Dan Marino’s single season passing yardage record.

This was a great experience and a lot of fun.  I’ll be shooting another game in December so I’m definitely looking forward to that.  We’ll see how I hold up in colder weather.

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Charlotte Fusion Wedding {Cathy + Zam} | Charlotte, NC - Part I


Last month, we got treated to one of the most amazing weddings !!  Often referred to as “fusion” weddings when you have a mix of two different cultures and\or denominations. Cathy is Liberian and their wedding day included fabrics, customs, and traditions from her native country. It was so different from any other wedding we’ve shot to see such beautiful and colorful bridesmaids dresses and attire of some of the guests. Cathy and Zam were such a fun couple from Day 1 and we had a great time shooting their engagement session and Cathy’s bridal session.  Their entire wedding day went smoothly and Cathy & Zam and their entire wedding party looked great.  I’ll be posting images from the wedding day first because we got so many amazing images from the reception, it deserves it’s own separate blog post 🙂

I loved this image so much from their engagement session, I was inspired to recreate a similar look and feel on wedding day….this pose just seems to work perfectly for these two

A few images later on in the evening capturing a hint of the Charlotte skyline in the background

You can view Part II of their wedding blog post HERE

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Atlanta Wedding {Crystal + Nate} | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


We traveled down to Atlanta last month to Eleven Fifteen Events for a Sunday morning wedding.  Earlier this year, we shot Crystal and Nate’s engagement session so I knew what kind of swag to expect on wedding day.  Crystal had all kinds of details decked out for me down to the birdcage veil and the blinged out red wedding shoes.  Nate and his guys were as cool as ever.  The are such an easy-going couple.  The ceremony was beautiful and we were able to get a variety of nice bride & groom pics.  It was pretty bright outside after the ceremony, so it was a bit of a challenge to find somewhere for their initial shots….but we made it work 🙂  The reception was so full of energy and there was plenty to shoot right up until the very end.  Crystal & Nate….thanks again for allowing us to document your wonderful day and I am extremely happy for you guys !!

Just a few of the many details…

My first couple to throw up the “peace sign” as new husband and wife….I love it !!!
Entrance #1

Change of attire and….Entrance #2

We had to end the evening with a few final images of this classy couple

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Crowne Plaza Wedding {Aminah + Eric} | Charlotte, NC


I haven’t posted anything to the blog for a while…I’m still chipping away at a substantial backlog of weddings while continuing to get adjusted to being a new dad 🙂 This was the last wedding we shot in September and it was a fun one. Aminah and Eric got married at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, NC. It was a beautifully decorated affair and it was pretty cool to have one of my previous couples in the bridal party. Here are some images from their fun day.

The entrance of the bride and groom says it all….that set the tone for the rest of the reception.

When time permits, I love to steal the couple away from the reception for some more cool shots to end the evening.

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