Month: December, 2011

New Orleans Engagement Session | {Dana + Anthony}


I’ve been so busy editing weddings recently, I’m just now getting around to blogging this great E-session we did a couple of months of ago in New Orleans.  I was super excited when Dana booked us to shoot their wedding next year in New Orleans.  Because both her and Anthony are natives of the Big Easy with strong ties back home, they decided they wanted to do their engagement session there and we happily obliged.  I have to first set the stage for what an amazing couple they are….

Dana is a breast cancer survivor.  To be exact…Dana is a PROUD breast cancer survivor !!  She gave me permission to share that on their blog post and she doesn’t have any problems telling anybody about her previous battle with it.  It is truly a touching story and it just further shows how strong both her and Anthony are and how special they are to each other.

We visited various locations capturing the ambiance of New Orleans along with some of the popular attractions.  We had beautiful weather and the entire session went great.  I have to mention how much I ate while there for the weekend 🙁  The seafood (and bread pudding) is phenomenal and you can literally walk into any restaurant without fear of being disappointed.  I am soooo looking forward to their wedding next year and already planning on making it an extended stay and anticipating gaining an extra 10lbs or so.  Here are some images from their session…

This is inside of St. Louis Cathedral….the oldest Catholic church in the US.  Of course we had to sneak a quick shot in.

I love all the different colors and backdrops the French Quarter has to offer

We visited the lower 9th Ward. Even after all these years, you can’t help but remember the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. There are still some houses bearing the FEMA markings that were never repaired or rebuilt

This may appear to be just an empty lot to the casual observer, but this is where Anthony’s grandmother’s house used to be….This is such a sentimental image.

A little bit of fun with the street cars on Canal St.

Every time you see Dana smile, you know she is simply loving and enjoying life

The Mercedes Benz Superdome (formerly known as the New Orleans Superdome) makes a pretty neat background


  • Keisha Campbell · Posted 12-30-11 at 2:12 pm · Link · Reply

    Mike, these are beautiful. I love New Orleans. Another great session!

    • M. Clay · Posted 12-30-11 at 5:10 pm · Link · Reply

      Thanks Keisha….I believe New Orleans is my new favorite place 🙂

  • Dana Bouie · Posted 12-30-11 at 3:53 pm · Link · Reply

    Love it!!!

    • M. Clay · Posted 12-30-11 at 5:11 pm · Link · Reply

      Thanks Dana….you and Anthony are all that !! Ya’ll have a great New Year

  • merl taylor · Posted 01-10-12 at 8:15 pm · Link · Reply


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Atlanta Wedding {Michelle + Donnie} | Charlotte Wedding Photographer


Our first of two weddings in November…

We traveled down to Atlanta for Michelle & Donnie’s wedding. This is our 3rd Atlanta wedding in the last 2 years so it’s becoming very familiar territory 🙂  This was actually our first wedding we’ve shot where didn’t meet the bride or groom in-person until wedding day, but that didn’t present any challenges whatsoever. The only small obstacle we were presented with was….this was the day before Daylights savings time so it seemed like the days were already starting to get shorter. The sun went down on us pretty quickly, so we had to immediately figure put a ‘Plan B’ and found some nice light for their creative couples portraits. Here are some images from their wedding day.


  • Michelle Smith · Posted 12-30-11 at 3:42 pm · Link · Reply

    Mike, we can’t thank you enough for capturing the most special day of our lives so beautifully. You truly have a God given talent! Happy New Year!!

    • M. Clay · Posted 12-30-11 at 5:07 pm · Link · Reply

      Awww…thanks Michelle !! Your comment sums why I truly enjoy what I do. It was great to meet you and Donnie and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you guys ever come thru Charlotte. Have a Happy New Year 🙂

  • Nathan Hayes · Posted 12-30-11 at 6:12 pm · Link · Reply

    A great wedding. I’m so happy for my little brother and his wife. They are a great couple. The pictures are great.

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Charlotte's Bridal Session


Things have been fast and furious over the last 3 months and we shot our final wedding of the year earlier this month. I’ve been occupied recently with designing wedding albums and finally at a point where I can get caught back up on blogging.

We shot Charlotte and Josh’s Save the Date session earlier this year and they tied the knot this month so now I can also show a few images from her bridal session. I’ll be posting images from their wedding in a few weeks.

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Levine Museum Wedding & Reception {Toni + Eric} | Charlotte, NC


This was our 3rd and final wedding in October and it was a gorgeous one !!  Toni & Eric are an amazing couple and had an equally amazing wedding day.  They also decided to a “first look” where the couple decides to see each other and do their bride & groom portraits before the ceremony.  This allowed us plenty of time to get some more creative pics of the couple without the constraints of a small window of time between the ceremony and reception. I also loved Toni’s vintage look….the dress, the birdcage veil, the pearls just all worked perfectly together.  Such a classy couple.  Here are some images from their special day:

Did I mention what an amazing bride Toni was ?

I can never turn down an opportunity for a nice reflection shot…

Riding to the ceremony in style…

Toni’s initial reaction when she first realized that Eric was serenading her as she walked down the aisle.  This was the first time I’ve ever witnessed a groom singing to his bride during a ceremony…it was truly a special moment

Toni & Eric….we were so honored to be a part of your blessed day.  You guys are truly a perfect match for one another and I wish you all the best in new future together !!

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Charlotte Fusion Wedding {Cathy + Zam} | Charlotte, NC - Part II


To check out Part I click HERE

Cathy & Zam had their wedding reception at Extravaganza in Charlotte, NC.  We got to witness some amazing (and fun) Liberian traditions.  Starting with entrance of the bride & groom, to the wonderful sounds of Caribbean music, the dancing,  and a very special exit to end the evening.

Just a few details to start with…

The couple was escorted in surrounded by a host of family as they walked on fabrics passed down through the family.

The money dance !!!

Zam had one of the most entertaining garter removals I’ve ever witnessed

Then the couple changed into traditional attire with a cowtail provided to the groom from the bride’s family

And the finale of reception…the Grand March. This was so organized, you would have thought it was choreographed

I “thought” that was the end of the evening…oh no, more partying and dancing

A very rare blog appearance by yours truly. LOL. I was flattered when they requested a photo to remember me as part of their day

Cathy & Zam, Thank you again for allowing us to document your amazing wedding day. I wish you nothing but the absolute best !!

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