Month: January, 2012

NFL Shooting from the sidelines | Falcons vs. Panthers


Back in December, I had the opportunity to shoot another Carolina Panthers game from the sideline against the Atlanta Falcons.  I’ve been so busy getting everything finished up from my 2011 wedding season, I’m just now getting a chance to blog these pics.  Since then, the Panthers unfortunately didn’t make the playoffs and Falcons got whooped pretty bad by the Giants in the Wild Card matchups last week.  It was a little bit colder this game and once the sun went down and the entire field was in the shade, it felt about 20 degrees colder on the sideline.  Here’s a few images from that game:

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Rock Hill Winter Wedding {Charlotte + Josh} Part II | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Click HERE to view Part I of Charlotte & Josh’s wedding

Here’s Part II of Charlotte & Josh’s wedding.  The creative bride & groom session against the beautiful holiday lights of downtown Rock Hill and the reception.  And the reception where there was plenty of energy in the room that night 🙂

Guests were treated to a special impromptu ballroom dance by two members of the wedding party….very impressive!!

Charlotte & Josh thanks again for allowing us to capture your amazing wedding day.  You guys make a beautiful couple and I wish you best in your new life together !

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  • Liz Duren · Posted 01-14-12 at 9:37 am · Link · Reply

    Really beautiful outdoor shots!!! Well, all of them, really!!

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Rock Hill Winter Wedding {Charlotte + Josh} Part I | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Click HERE to check out Part II of Charlotte & Josh’s wedding

Our last wedding of 2011 !!  And what a great way to end our wedding season.  Charlotte & Josh had a winter-themed wedding.  Black & Red were the colors…it was an evening wedding, and Charlotte told me early on that they had plans of doing their bride & groom pics at night using the beautiful Christmas lights of downtown Rock Hill as a backdrop.  How exciting !!   It’s definitely more challenging to shoot strictly at night, when you don’t have any natural daylight to utilize.  So we had to buckle down and find some interesting light sources, but I think we ended up with some amazing images different from anything else in my portfolio.  Their ceremony venue was also pretty unique.  It was held at the Gettys Art Center in downtown Rock Hill.  A very historic building that used to be the courthouse.  Even more interesting….the room where they exchanged vows was the old courtroom !  A very neat looking room with dark mahogany wood on all 4 walls and the judges bench and witness stand are still intact.

The entire day was perfect.  Their wedding party, families, & guests were all a joy to be around.  Here is Part I of their wedding day from the pre-ceremony (where we were able to utilize some daylight) through the ceremony.  I’ll be blogging Part II (bride & groom session and reception) tomorrow.


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Mint Museum Wedding {Nardine + Bernard} | Charlotte, NC


This was our 2nd November wedding and our 2nd to last wedding of the year for 2011.  Nardine and Bernard are such a beautiful couple.  So when they initially told me about their “movie themed” idea for their wedding, I was super excited from day 1.  If you remember, they had the same theme for their “Movie Night” engagement session.  Well, the wedding was just as unique.  Let me try my best to set the stage for their wedding experience…

We first captured some pre-ceremony shots of the guys and girls…

Then on to the venue…Nardine & Bernard were my 3rd couple this year to do a first look.  We pretty much had to because it was a formal, evening wedding and this was the first weekend after Daylight Savings time so it got dark pretty quickly.  What I love most about couples seeing each other before the ceremony is it gives us plenty of time to capture some great images and these are usually the pics from the wedding day that the they cherish the most.  I also love capturing such a genuine, intimate moment when they are seeing each other for the first time on wedding day.  This next series of pics is me simply sitting back and capturing a real moment as it unfolded…no direction, posing, or interaction from me.  Then we did the normal bride & groom session.

I very rarely blog the “traditional” wedding party shots, but the light and the subtle fall colors were too beautiful not to share one…

Guests entered the venue on a Red Carpet and immediately saw enlarged movie poster prints (we purposely saved these to “unveil” them at the wedding).  The wedding definitely had a Hollywood feel to it :


As guests took their seats, they were given popcorn to snack on during a short intro film of the couple that played before the ceremony began…

Then after all of the formalities….as you can see, we partied hard. Oops, did I say we….I meant “they” 😉

Bernard & Nardine…thank you again for allowing me to capture your unique and special day.  I wish you two the very best in your new journey together as husband and wife !!  I also can’t forget to mention I got to team up with SJB Weddings & Events and DJ 06 again.  It is always a pleasure to work with them.


  • LaToya · Posted 01-03-12 at 9:32 am · Link · Reply

    Awesome work, Mr. Clay!!!!

  • Pearl Emanuel · Posted 01-03-12 at 5:54 pm · Link · Reply

    Michael I was not surprise you are awesome you made that day so special for my daughter and the family. Once again thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family

  • Rela · Posted 01-11-12 at 10:22 pm · Link · Reply

    The pictures are excellent! The pictures reflect Bernard and Nardine’s special day and the love they share.

  • Tom Noble · Posted 01-17-12 at 12:02 am · Link · Reply

    M. Clay, these are some great pictures!!! You and your team captured some priceless moments on this day that will forever be etched in our minds for an eternity!! Thanks again for putting some great memories on film!!

  • Michael Riley · Posted 06-21-14 at 12:23 am · Link · Reply

    Love y’all both

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Sneak peek image from a Winter wedding in Rock Hill

Sneak Peek from our last wedding of 2011 !! {Charlotte + Josh} | Rock Hill, SC


Quick image from Charlotte & Josh’s winter wedding in Rock Hill, SC….our last wedding from last year.  Full blog post coming later this week…

Sneak peek image from a Winter wedding in Rock Hill

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