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Vintage inspired Engagement Session {Akilah + Pete} | Charlotte Wedding Photographers M. Clay


Boy, was I excited when Akilah & Pete first told me about the ideas they had for their engagement session !!¬† This is one of those where a photographer starts to drool a little bit ūüôā¬† But seriously, I was already conjuring up my ‘vision’ for some of their shots and thrilled to be able to finally be able to put those ideas into action.¬† They wanted a vintage inspired engagement session and brought the attire, props, and attitude to make it happen and I simply finished it off with a little ‘vintagey’ processing.¬† We had a great time and ended up with some neat shots.¬† Pete & Akilah are also a lot of fun to work with.¬† We are definitely looking forward to their wedding later this year.¬† Here are some favorites from their E-Session.


  • Peter Boker · Posted 03-21-12 at 8:01 pm · Link · Reply

    Hey Mike! I told you I was going to rock this shoot…lol. You did a great job man. I really like the pics, especially the selection for your blog. I am glad it came out as everyone expected. Looking forward to working with you on the wedding day.


  • Pete · Posted 03-21-12 at 9:08 pm · Link · Reply

    Fantastic job.

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Stanley, NC Wedding {Kellen + Cameron} | Charlotte Wedding Photographer


We traveled to Stanley, NC for Kellen & Cameron’s wedding 2 weekends ago. They are a really laid back couple and were a pleasure to work with. The weather was just a tad cloudy when we started with the guys and then cleared up with sunny skies for the rest of the day.¬† The reception was complete with a formal dance dedicated to the newlyweds, a gorgeous Tiffany blue candy bar, and an entertaining cake cutting ūüôā¬† See below for details…

Kellen & Cameron…thanks again for allowing us to come and capture your wonderful wedding day !!

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Wedding Sneak Peek | {Kellen + Cameron}


Here is a quick sneak peek from Kellen and Cameron’s wedding from last weekend.¬† Full blog post coming later this week…

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Embassy Suites Wedding {Tori + Gerren} | Charlotte, NC


Our first wedding of the year !! After a 2 month layoff, I’m so excited to be posting this beautiful wedding of Tori & Gerren. Their wedding and reception were at the Embassy Suites hotel in Charlotte, NC. The ceremony had gorgeous natural light spilling in from the skylight in the atrium and the backdrop of tropical plants was a plus. The weather was perfect and their entire wedding party was a pleasure to work with. I knew from their engagement session that they were an extremely laid back couple and super easy to work with and we ended up with some great images from their wedding day.

This is definitely one of my favorite first dance images. The first dance is such an intimate moment that you don’t interfere with.¬† Every once¬†in a while, the couple will happen to put themselves¬†in a¬†perfect pose, with beautiful lighting, and¬†a great¬†expression.¬† They simply nailed this one¬†!!


  • Valerie Sims, mother of the Bride,( Tori) · Posted 03-07-12 at 4:46 pm · Link · Reply

    What beautiful pics of a beautiful Couple!!

    • M. Clay · Posted 03-07-12 at 5:51 pm · Link · Reply

      Thanks Valerie !! They are an absolutely beautiful couple….inside and out. It was a pleasure to work with both families that day.

  • Tori Sims · Posted 03-07-12 at 8:25 pm · Link · Reply

    I LOVE these pictures. You did a great job as usual!! Thank you so much

  • lakeisha drafton, cousin of bride · Posted 03-08-12 at 2:45 pm · Link · Reply

    Wonderful pics….great job!!

  • Carolyn Simpson, Sassy Bride Wedding Planner · Posted 03-13-12 at 11:48 am · Link · Reply

    Thanks… to Tori and Gerren for allowing me to be a part of this event. Over the past year it was a joy to work with them both. Thanks… to Val and Jerry for trusting me with planning such an important day and thanks to M. Clay Photography for capturing it all. SASSY BRIDE

  • Zuny Gonzalez · Posted 08-14-12 at 10:07 am · Link · Reply

    Hi Tori & Gerren,

    How is married life treating you? Your wedding was absolutely lovely and I was truly blessed to be apart of it. These pictures are gorgeous. You guys make such a great couple. Thank you for choosing the Embassy Suites to host such a special day in your lives. Don’t be strangers!! Zuny

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Severe tornado damage in our neighborhood yesterday


I will start this post by saying how extremely fortunate we are.¬† Our neighborhood suffered some terrible damage from the storm that hit early Saturday morning.¬† Everyone is fortunate that no lives were lost, but some of my neighbors suffered some irreparable damage to their homes and vehicles. ¬† Around 2:30am yesterday, I was awoken by the strong wind and rain.¬† After about 15 minutes, I saw a flash of light and also heard a small explosion of a transformer blowing and all of the power immediately went out in our neighborhood.¬† This is something I have definitely seen and heard before so I just assumed the storm simply knocked out the transformer or blew a tree onto a power line.¬† But then I heard A LOT of sirens about 10 mins after that and the sirens continued for about an hour….so I’m thinking it was something more serious, like there was a bad accident and a car ran into a power pole.¬† I finally went back to sleep and my mom called the next morning and said she saw on the news they had set up a shelter at the school across the street from our neighborhood and they were evacuating folks from our neighborhood.¬† We still didn’t have power…no tv, so I’m still totally unaware of what exactly was going on.¬† I get Jax and we go on our routine morning walk and all of the houses within my immediate sight all look fine.¬† But the further up the street we walk….I start to see a little more damage…trash cans and furniture toppled over, siding and gutters blown off, trees and debris everywhere.¬† Then I see tons of neighbors out walking around which is a bit out of the ordinary and once I got towards the front of the neighborhood, I simply could not believe my eyes.¬† I saw police and firemen everywhere, several helicopters hovering, trees snapped in half, full trees toppled over, pieces of entire roof and exterior sides taken off some houses,¬† windows busted, fences blown over, and a trucked flipped upside down.¬† It was tough to get my arms around what had happened when at our house not even one trash can was knocked over but 3 blocks up, people were missing parts of their house and trees were mowed down like toothpicks.¬† I remember the damage tornadoes caused in Joplin, Missouri last year and even across the midwest this year and I could not believe what I was seeing in my own neighborhood.¬† I just kept saying to myself how fortunate we were.¬† I was able to capture some images with my compact digital camera that only sums up a bit of what I saw.¬† I know we’ve seen a lot worse in other parts of the world with tsunamis and earthquakes, and even in the US with hurricanes, but it’s things like this this that remind us that we simply have no defense for nature’s forces.

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  • Megan · Posted 05-01-12 at 11:25 pm · Link · Reply

    This is awful what happened…but as I was scrolling to the end of these pictures I noticed the picture of Charlotte Fire Department. My husband is a captain at the staion where these fire fighters work. I would love to have you send them a copy. They would love it. Just a priceless memory. GREAT GREAT photo. Megan

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