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Charlotte Engagement Session | {Tina + Melvin}


I recently had the chance to do an E-Session with one of my wedding couples.  Great weather + great couple = Great fun.  That pretty much sums up Tina & Melvin.  They have an awesome story of how they met at work….they even already share the same last name !!  I couldn’t help but joke with Tina that she wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of an “official” name change.  We started off at the park for a few casual photos against the beautiful natural greenery.  Then hung out downtown as the sun set for a few dressy looks.  I had a great time and we captured some really fun shots that capture their personality.  I’m looking forward to their wedding next month at the Ballantyne Hotel.

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  • Natarsha Adams · Posted 09-07-12 at 2:10 pm · Link · Reply

    Congrats Mel and Tina!!!! I’ve visited the blog a couple of times and it finally hit me, that’s Melvin!!! You two look like a great “power couple”!!! 🙂 Awesome work as always M. Clay!!! 🙂

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Alissa's Easter Pics


I know…I know.  Easter was last weekend and I’m 5 days late posting these.  It’s a tough balance between work and personal photography and I have to make sure my paying clients are taken care of first so the personal photos take a little longer.  But I still wanted to post a few pics we captured of little Miss Alissa on her first Easter sporting the latest toddler fashions !

As always…
Wardrobe & stylist: MOM
Photography: DAD

I have to give my disclaimer….some of these are not “professional” pics.  Just quick shots taken with my small digital camera.

This first photo has nothing to do with Easter, but I thought the shirt was just so appropriate with dad being a photographer and all 🙂

There’s nothing wrong with getting at least one obligatory, cliche’ Easter bunny shot right ?


  • Nneka · Posted 04-13-12 at 11:16 am · Link · Reply

    She’s beautiful!!

    • Tomeka · Posted 04-13-12 at 3:57 pm · Link · Reply

      She’s cute

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Pictures of Alissa’s Baby Blessing


Several weeks ago, we were joined by family and close friends to witness our baby girl being blessed at church.  We have a few personal photos from the actual blessing but I also wanted to share some photos we took of her in her Christening gown.  Since this is one of those things she’ll only wear once, we wanted to have some nice photos to remember this special occasion and milestone in her life.  I have to give my wife the credit for finding the beautiful backdrop.

Photo session was going great until she discovered the grass beneath her…LOL. I couldn’t get her attention anymore, so it was a wrap at this point.  Glad we were able to manage some decent shots before this.

Then she discovered the flowers 🙂

We are definitely enjoying watching our little lady grow up


  • kia · Posted 04-12-12 at 11:09 am · Link · Reply

    She’s perfect! God bless.

  • LaTorya · Posted 04-12-12 at 11:16 am · Link · Reply

    how precious!!! and the dress is amazing!

  • Stacie · Posted 04-12-12 at 6:13 pm · Link · Reply

    She is beautiful! May God bless and keep her in perfect peace.

  • Mary Ann Harrington · Posted 04-12-12 at 11:19 pm · Link · Reply

    She is beautiful! Enjoy your precious gift!

  • Tiffani · Posted 04-13-12 at 11:34 am · Link · Reply

    Beautiful….and God will do exceeding abundantly more than we could ever think or imagine…CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Sally Lowrance · Posted 06-20-12 at 2:52 pm · Link · Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful angel Alissa is. So like her mama, which is a good thing (and Daddy, I know know you, but you are one lucky man and I know you know it). Many blessings and wishes for eternal wonderment for your family, MJ.

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South Carolina Engagement Session & Horses !! | {Caitlin + Doug + Horses}


One of the greatest things about being a wedding photographer is I get to meet so many different people who do so many different things.  I absolutely love animals so when I found out that Caitlin & Doug are horse trainers, I started to think…”How cool would it be to incorporate a horse in their E-session ?”.  Well Caitlin was on the same page and I was extremely excited when she invited me to do their shoot at their property and she wanted to have them in the shoot as well.  And as a bonus…we got to include ALL their horses !!  I learned quite a bit about horses and got to interact with them more then I ever had in the past so I was a like a kid in a toy store.  They have a lot of beautiful natural areas and we were able to capture some great images:

Molly tagged along for the entire shoot and finally decided on this shot to walk right into the picture and have a seat. Hilarious !!

This is Electric….a gorgeous stallion with an Arabian bloodline

Caitlin’s personal baby…Emma

On this shot, Doug was cracking up because there were two horses literally right over each of my shoulders. They were pretty curious about my camera. I must admit, it was a little hard to concentrate with two very large animals right behind me watching my every move

This is my favorite image of the day. It’s not very often you get to photograph a couple framed by two beautiful horses !!

And one final bonus shot of me having my ‘horse whisperer’ moment. LOL

Caitlin & Doug, thanks again for allowing me to come and capture some great images of you guys and your entire “family”.  I had a great time and this is definitely what makes my job worth it 🙂

Charlotte Wedding Photographers  M. Clay Photography

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Atlanta Engagement Session {Melanie + David} | Atlanta Wedding Photographer M. Clay


It feels like forever since I’ve blogged an Engagement session so I was excited to head down to Atlanta for Melanie & David’s E-session. Even though it started off a little bit windy, otherwise…the weather was perfect. Melanie was a bridesmaid from a previous wedding I shot, so it’s always great to work with a bride who’s already familiar with my work and style of photography. We trekked around to several different spots and got some great images. Her and David are all smiles and extremely fun to be around. It was actually kinda tough to get a serious expression out of them, but we managed a few. An unexpected surprise….they even brought Milee along (who was color coordinated) for a few shots. I can’t wait for their wedding later this year.

Engagement photos at Woodruff park

Melanie & David are too much fun….This is one of the few serious expressions we were able to manage 🙂

So this is actually an incomplete shot, but I decided to show it anyway. I saw this great composition that I thought would make a cool image and I was in the process of getting them posed just the way I wanted, but we got asked to leave by security (I’ll withhold personal opinion about that), but anyway….I managed to get this one quick click before we had to go. Can you see where I was going with the idea ??

I love finding little pockets of light like this…



  • Marie A Moore · Posted 04-16-12 at 12:57 pm · Link · Reply

    I have enjoyed the photos . You were able to capture some great moments of a couple so much in love. Praise the Lord

  • mildred pointer · Posted 04-22-12 at 9:13 pm · Link · Reply

    awsome I just loved every picture. I would like to see all in book, or something onthat order.

  • Michael Maxwell · Posted 04-24-12 at 2:04 pm · Link · Reply

    Mike man, these are stunning. Composition, lighting, posing, variety, you captured the absolute essence of a couple in love! Great Job man!

    • M. Clay · Posted 04-24-12 at 2:50 pm · Link · Reply

      Thanks Everyone !! And Michael…it’s always comforting to get the stamp of approval from a fellow photographer 🙂

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