Month: May, 2012

Charlotte Engagement Session | {Kelli + Miguel}


A couple of weeks ago, we shot Kelli & Miguel’s engagement session. Gorgeous light, beautiful & fun couple.  What more do you need ?  I absolutely love the fact that they they just “go with the flow” and open to any of my ideas 🙂  They totally didn’t mind me experimenting with a few lighting techniques towards the end of the session (and we ended up with some additional cool shots).  We are looking forward to shooting their wedding in a couple of months.  Here are some images from their E-session…

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Congrats to Sherita & TJ | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Sherita & TJ tied the knot last month at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. It was a beautiful ceremony witnessed by close family and their great friends. Weather was just perfect and they are such a fun couple….one of them is always smiling or laughing. We had an awesome time shooting their engagement session and Sherita’s bridal…and the wedding was a perfect finale to a wonderful couple. Here are some images from their special day.

Sherita & TJ…thanks again for allowing us to come and document such a beautiful union between you guys.  Many blessings in your new lives together.


  • Sherita · Posted 05-20-12 at 5:18 pm · Link · Reply

    TJ and I thank you so much for capturing our day! It was a pleasure and you made it so easy and such a wonderful experience.

  • Jessica Hyman · Posted 05-20-12 at 6:47 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful Wedding! May God bless you with many years of happiness!

  • Michael Smith · Posted 05-20-12 at 7:14 pm · Link · Reply

    Really nice work, I enjoy looking at your images.

  • Tena Hyman · Posted 05-20-12 at 11:04 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful, I love all the pics, especially the last one!! May God bless you both!

  • Shauna Monroe · Posted 05-28-12 at 11:22 am · Link · Reply

    Oh my goodness. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for you two I am about to cry. God bless you two and I wish you much more happiness!

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Sherita's Bridal Session at Duke Mansion | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Sherita & TJ tied the knot a couple of weekends ago.  I’ll be blogging their wedding later this week, but in the meantime….here are some images from Sherita’s bridal session at Duke Mansion.  Unfortunately, it rained that morning so we were limited to indoors for the entire session.  But that’s the great thing about Duke Mansion….it’s equally beautiful inside and out.

The rain cleared up at the very end of the session and we were able to grab a few shots outside…


  • Mia · Posted 05-18-12 at 9:58 am · Link · Reply

    Love it!

  • Sherita · Posted 05-18-12 at 3:25 pm · Link · Reply

    Cant wait to see rest of the pics!

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Riverview Room Wedding {Dana + Anthony} | New Orleans - Part II


Be sure to check out Part I of Dana & Anthony’s wedding day

Here are some more photos from Dana & Anthony’s amazing wedding day.  After the pre-ceremony and first look, we headed to the Riverview Room for the ceremony and reception\party.   They had a beautiful ceremony and the reception was ….OFF DA CHAIN!!  There is no other way to describe it….you’ll see below…

We were able to step out onto the patio for a few quick shots using the city skyline as a backdrop.

Gorgeous flowers and cakes. Check out Anthony’s groom cake…WHO DAT !!!

After the formalities…the cake cutting, toasts, etc….they DANCED…and partied…and DANCED…

Had to take time out to give the fellas a cool shot puffing over the city lights…

And then…the Second Line band came in, out came the customary parsasols, and they DANCED some more…

Just when you thought the night was over….in came the Mardi Gras Indians. And they DANCED some more 🙂

A few final shots to end a beautiful wedding day and a great celebration of Dana & Anthony’s union.

One final Bonus Image. I truly enjoy every wedding I shoot and I’m always involved and having fun while I’m at it. Here, I figured…when will I ever get another chance to take a picture with a Mardi Gras Indian ?  Why not

Dana & Anthony…thank you again for allowing me to capture your wedding day.  You are two truly beautiful people and coudn’t be more deserving of one another.  I will always remember getting to experience first-hand how you guys party on a whole ‘nother level down in New Orleans.  Let’s go ahead and start planning the 1-year anniversary meetup down there 🙂


  • latorya · Posted 05-10-12 at 6:23 pm · Link · Reply

    Wowzers! This wedding was amazing! So much attention paid to details…love it!

  • Carvonda Young · Posted 05-11-12 at 4:30 pm · Link · Reply

    This wedding was off the CHAIN cuzin! For anyone that could not make it you missed a true gathering….I had a BALL! God’s Blessings go to Mr & Mrs Anthony Roland ~

  • Nicole Miller · Posted 05-12-12 at 8:20 pm · Link · Reply

    The pictures captured the essence of beauty love and all that is good in New Orleans….congrats to the both of you

  • Felicia Marsh · Posted 05-15-12 at 6:30 pm · Link · Reply

    Omg!Beautiful!Congrades on every you guys look great.i wish i could of party with yall

  • merl taylor · Posted 05-19-12 at 2:27 pm · Link · Reply


  • Anthony Roland · Posted 07-23-13 at 2:10 pm · Link · Reply

    It’s been over a year and people are still talking about our day and asking to see all of these amazing pictures! I never get tired of talking about it or sending folks the links to the site. Between God, Susan, and Mike you couldn’t ask for a better team to make a day as special as this one was! Thanks for all the love!

  • Renata Brown · Posted 07-23-13 at 5:17 pm · Link · Reply

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

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Riverview Room Wedding {Dana + Anthony} | New Orleans - Part I


We had a super amazing experience last month when we traveled to New Orleans to photograph Dana & Anthony’s wedding.  This was our first wedding in New Orleans and I underscore the word “experience” because it was unlike any other wedding we’ve had the opportunity to shoot.  Dana contacted me early last year when she saw the wedding of a friend of her’s that we shot here in Charlotte which was my first taste of how they party down in the “N.O.”.

Where to start…well, we took a trip down there last year to do their engagement session, visit the venue, and familiarize ourselves with the food…I meant city 🙂  So we had a good idea what kind of photographic opportunities the French Quarter would offer us.  I was worried all that week because the weather forecast called for a 70% chance of severe thunderstorms on wedding day.  I was horrified at the thought of traveling all the way to New Orleans to have it spoiled by bad weather.  The forecast eventually turned into a 40% chance of scattered showers (which to me meant a 60% chance that it wouldn’t rain).  We woke up to a dreary morning and slow steady rain, but luckily it let up just in time for photos and everything worked out just fine.

Dana & Anthony chose to do a first look.  I’ve previously mentioned the benefits of doing a first look and the bride & groom session before the ceremony.  This allowed us to have an un-rushed session and visit several different locations to get some amazing images.   Here’s a look at Part I of Dana & Anthony’s wedding day…photos from the pre-ceremony, bride & groom session, and fun shots of the wedding party.  The bridal party got ready at the historic Hotel Monteleone…the oldest hotel in New Orleans.  We’ll be posting Part II tomorrow of the ceremony and lively reception.

Dana rockin’ a stylish birdcage veil…

I absolutely love capturing the first look. It gives the couple an intimate moment to see each other for the first time and allows them to naturally interact in a way that they can’t during the ceremony. I’ve heard from many of my couples that it helps calm their nerves for the ceremony.

We started off the bride & groom session in the always crowded Jackson Square and grabbed a few shots in front of the historic St. Louis Cathedral before moving into other parts of the French Quarter

This image simply cracks me up. I said to Anthony “Only real mean can pose with the bouquet….against a pink wall”. We couldn’t help but laugh hysterically!!

My absolute favorite shot of the day

Back to the hotel to get a few shots by the famous marquee sign on the rooftop…

And finally, some fun & stylish shots with the bridal party. I must admit, I love small bridal parties because we can get a variety of shots in a short amount of time….and I can actually remember everybody’s name!

Be sure to check out Part II of their weddingCharlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay Photography


  • Shantrice Givens · Posted 05-09-12 at 3:11 pm · Link · Reply


  • Melisa · Posted 05-09-12 at 4:39 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful !

  • Susan Maria Johnson · Posted 05-09-12 at 5:45 pm · Link · Reply

    Simply Gorgeous!!! Beautiful couple! Beautiful Photography! 🙂

  • Travis · Posted 05-09-12 at 6:13 pm · Link · Reply

    so amazing yall look great!

  • Keisha · Posted 05-09-12 at 7:47 pm · Link · Reply

    Love, love, love it especially the last few bridal party pics. Nice!!!

  • Germaine Green · Posted 05-09-12 at 8:08 pm · Link · Reply

    Amazing pictures!! Dana you were truly stunning!! Great looking couple I say!!

  • Sean Kimble · Posted 05-09-12 at 9:13 pm · Link · Reply

    You guys pictures were amazing!!!!

  • merl taylor · Posted 05-09-12 at 9:18 pm · Link · Reply

    Dana and Anthony yall’s wedding was simply beautiful. Be blessed. love you guys.

  • Hope Hill · Posted 05-10-12 at 1:58 pm · Link · Reply

    OMG!!!! Simply Beautiful Couple…These Pictures belong in a Wedding Magazine!

  • Anthony Roland · Posted 01-24-15 at 5:14 pm · Link · Reply

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