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Panoramic image of downtown Charlotte | Wedding Photographer M. Clay


While waiting for guests to finish up dinner at Megan & Terry’s reception a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful bird’s eye view of downtown Charlotte.  It’s not very often you get to see the city from that high of a perspective, so I took a panoramic image that you normally wouldn’t be able to get unless you were pretty high up.  You can see the Transit center and TimeWarner Arena on the left….in the center is some colorful building & parking deck they’ve been working on for like the last 4 years.  I have no idea what it is ??

Panoramic image of downtown Charlotte

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Little Church on the Lane Wedding {Megan + Terry} | Charlotte Wedding Photographers


We shot our first wedding of 2013 a couple of weeks ago !  So exciting to be back to shooting weddings after some much needed idle time over the winter.  Megan & Terry helped us get the wedding season off to a great start.  They are such a fun & easy-going couple.  I realized how genuine they were when I shot their engagment session earlier this year and they are so easy to photograph.  I was a bit worried because the forecast called for rain….and it did, that morning.  But luckily, everything cleared up by time for the ceremony and there were no setbacks.  The entire day ended up beautiful.  Here are some images from their special day.

Groom getting ready at Little Church on the Lane wedding Groom shots at Little Church on the Lane wedding Groomsmen at Little Church on the Lane wedding Fun groomsmen shot at Little Church on the Lane wedding Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0039 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0040 Bridesmaids at Little Church on the Lane wedding Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0042 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0043 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0044 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0045 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0046 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0047 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0048 Ceremony at Little Church on the Lane wedding in Charlotte Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0050 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0051 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0052 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0053 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0054 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0055 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0056 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0057 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0058 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0059 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0060 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0061 Reception shot at Bentleys on 27 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0062

I love when I’m able to pull my couples from the reception for a few minutes for some cool shots utilizing the reception venue.
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0064 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0065

Megan & Terry, thanks again for allowing me to capture your special day. I wish you guys the best in your new life together.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | M. Clay Photography


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  • Carla Fowler · Posted 04-09-13 at 9:52 am · Link · Reply

    Wow little bro you did it up… Now let that last forever and a day. My new sis is amazing…

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    Very crisp and neat photos! Great job capturing the love and happiness in the air!

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