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Downtown Engagement Session {Shapera & Eddie} | Charlotte Wedding Photographers


Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Shapera & Eddie.  Turns out, me and Eddie had know each other from several years ago  and we quickly got re-acquainted and hit it off great at their wedding consultation.  Just goes to show when you cross paths with genuinely good people, you don’t forget them.   The good vibes kept rolling during their engagement session.  They are a great looking couple and super easy to work with.  You can’t tell from the images, but the ‘only’ negative is we had to deal with some killer wind that was whipping Shapera’s hair all over the place.  Let’s just say it took a lot of patience and some perfect timing 🙂  I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding in Greensboro, NC

next year.Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0300 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0301
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0287 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0288 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0289 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0290 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0291 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0292 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0293 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0294 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0295 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0296 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0297 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0298


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  • Solo · Posted 12-21-13 at 1:00 am · Link · Reply

    Beautiful pics

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Engagement Sneak Peek | Shapera & Eddie


Here’s a quick sneak peek from last weekend’s E-session.  Full blog post coming tomorrow…

Charlotte engagement session


  • Rodney · Posted 12-18-13 at 9:59 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful Couple ! Congratulations Fam!

  • Felicia · Posted 12-19-13 at 2:15 am · Link · Reply

    Oooh that look is gonna get K a brother!

  • Jennifer · Posted 12-19-13 at 9:05 am · Link · Reply

    Look at my you two!!! Just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest of the session!!

  • DaVena · Posted 12-19-13 at 11:34 pm · Link · Reply

    Congratulations…. May GOD bless you in good measure.

  • Sanetra · Posted 12-20-13 at 5:37 am · Link · Reply

    Such an amazing couple! Congratulations to you both! May God Bless your union! #PinkLoves

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Fall Family pics | M. Clay Photography


It’s been a while since I’ve posted new pics of Alissa or any family pics.  Here’s a few images taken over the last several weeks I thought I’d share.  If you can’t tell from the images….our daughter is quite an entertaining little 2 yr old 🙂

Family Fall Pics001 Family Fall Pics002 Family Fall Pics003 Family Fall Pics004 Family Fall Pics005 Family Fall Pics006 Family Fall Pics007 Family Fall Pics008 Family Fall Pics009 Family Fall Pics010 Family Fall Pics011


  • Louis Hardy · Posted 12-12-13 at 2:31 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful Family

  • Karen Warfel · Posted 12-12-13 at 3:44 pm · Link · Reply

    Mike you have a beautiful family. I love the pictures. Have a bless Christmas.

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Olympia D. styled portrait session


I recently did a photo session for Olympia D. who is the the Assistant Program Director for Radio One and also an on-air radio personality for Old School 105.3.  The shoot was produced by my buddy J. Hill of BrandUScript PR and styled by Majesty Timberlake of BornMajestic.  Here’s a few images from the session:

Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0266 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0267 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0268 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0269 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0270 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0271 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0272 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0273


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  • ron fredlaw · Posted 02-16-15 at 2:29 pm · Link · Reply


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Monday Night Football ! Panthers vs Patriots


A couple of weeks ago, I shot the Panthers vs. Patriots game from the sidelines on Monday Night Football.  I’ve shot several games over the last few years, but this was my first  opportunity to shoot a MNF game.  Even people who don’t follow football can identify with the “Monday Night Football” brand.  It ended up being a great game that came down to the last play of the game and I’ve never heard Bank of America stadium so loud.


By the way Ray Lewis was looking right at my camera on that 2nd pic, you would have thought he was doing his own personal GQ photoshoot

Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0240 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0241 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0242 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0243 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0244 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0245 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0246 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0247 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0248 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0249 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0250 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0251 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0252 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0253 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0254 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0255 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0256 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0257 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0258 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0259 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0260 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0261 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0262 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0263

This was the game winning touchdown by Ted Ginn….but it happened on the wrong side of end zone for me to get the best shot 🙁
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0264 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0265

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