Month: March, 2014

Farewell to Smitty | Carolina Panthers


Yesterday the rumors became official news that the Carolina Panthers parted ways with 13 year veteran Steve Smith.  It was truly a sad day for the City of Charlotte as Smith has been one of the most familiar faces of the team and helped build the Carolina Panthers franchise.  He’s also been a huge part of the teams success in making the playoffs several times and a Superbowl appearance.  He’s helped quite a few fantasy rosters along the way as well 🙂

I had the pleasure of photographing several games over the last couple of years and I was able to witness first-hand the toughness, passion, and intensity that “Smitty” always brought to the field.  Here is a collection of photos I’ve captured of of the best players in Panthers history:

SteveSmith001 SteveSmith002 SteveSmith003 SteveSmith004 SteveSmith005 SteveSmith006 SteveSmith007 SteveSmith008 SteveSmith009 SteveSmith010 SteveSmith011 SteveSmith012

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