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Recent engagement session in | Charlotte Wedding & Portrait Photographer


Here are a few images from our most recent engagement session in downtown Charlotte. Looking forward to shooting their wedding later this year

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Downtown Engagement Session {Shapera & Eddie} | Charlotte Wedding Photographers


Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Shapera & Eddie.  Turns out, me and Eddie had know each other from several years ago  and we quickly got re-acquainted and hit it off great at their wedding consultation.  Just goes to show when you cross paths with genuinely good people, you don’t forget them.   The good vibes kept rolling during their engagement session.  They are a great looking couple and super easy to work with.  You can’t tell from the images, but the ‘only’ negative is we had to deal with some killer wind that was whipping Shapera’s hair all over the place.  Let’s just say it took a lot of patience and some perfect timing 🙂  I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding in Greensboro, NC

next year.Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0300 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0301
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  • Solo · Posted 12-21-13 at 1:00 am · Link · Reply

    Beautiful pics

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Engagement Sneak Peek | Shapera & Eddie


Here’s a quick sneak peek from last weekend’s E-session.  Full blog post coming tomorrow…

Charlotte engagement session


  • Rodney · Posted 12-18-13 at 9:59 pm · Link · Reply

    Beautiful Couple ! Congratulations Fam!

  • Felicia · Posted 12-19-13 at 2:15 am · Link · Reply

    Oooh that look is gonna get K a brother!

  • Jennifer · Posted 12-19-13 at 9:05 am · Link · Reply

    Look at my you two!!! Just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest of the session!!

  • DaVena · Posted 12-19-13 at 11:34 pm · Link · Reply

    Congratulations…. May GOD bless you in good measure.

  • Sanetra · Posted 12-20-13 at 5:37 am · Link · Reply

    Such an amazing couple! Congratulations to you both! May God Bless your union! #PinkLoves

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Charlotte Engagement Session {Megan + Terry} | Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Megan & Terry were our second E-session of 2013. This definitely had the look and feel of a winter engagement session.  We hung out this past weekend and enjoyed the beautiful light that was presented to us. It got pretty cold towards the end of the session, but they handled it like pros. On top of them being a great duo to work with, we had a very interesting session because they both ran into old friends while we shooting and I ran into an old co-worker and a previous groom.  Apparently, they are just as popular as I am 🙂  We ended up with some great images and I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding in March.



We ran into an old co-worker of mine who allowed us to use their cool bike for a quick shot. I thought it was a pretty neat prop.
Engagement session photo on bike
Engagement session of beautiful couple


Megan had her own creative idea for a shot incorporating their wedding date.
Charlotte engagement session idea coffee cup date



Her wedding date idea with the coffee cup gave me another idea…



  • Carmen McAdoo · Posted 02-15-13 at 4:08 pm · Link · Reply

    Great pictures of two beauties, Megan and Terry. I love them all!

  • Herbert McKinney · Posted 02-16-13 at 12:45 am · Link · Reply

    I wish you both the best of luck. SQ #2

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Charlotte Engagement Session {Danielle + Chigozie} | Charlotte Wedding Photographer M. Clay


Let me first say…I was so touched by all the great compliments they received  just from the one sneak peek photo we posted earlier this week.  It’s obvious that they are surrounded by friends and family who are extremely happy for them.

So here it is…our first E-Session to kickoff the 2013 wedding season !!  I hung out with Danielle & Chigozie earlier this week and I can’t emphasize enough what a wonderful couple they are.  You will quickly see from the photos Danielle LOVES to smile, and laugh,….a lot 🙂 It was just a tad chilly in Charlotte, but you can’t tell from the pics because they had no problems staying close and keeping warm. They are one of those couples that have such a natural interaction that makes them so easy to photograph.   We are looking forward to shooting their wedding this summer.  Here are some images from the great session we had.













Charlotte Wedding Photographers – M. Clay

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  • Emeka Ogwuegbu · Posted 01-11-13 at 10:29 pm · Link · Reply

    Hey Chichi, congrats! man. You and Danielle look absolutely fabulous in all the pics, wish you guys nothing but the very best as you gradually count down to your big day.

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