Monday Night Football ! Panthers vs Patriots


A couple of weeks ago, I shot the Panthers vs. Patriots game from the sidelines on Monday Night Football.  I’ve shot several games over the last few years, but this was my first  opportunity to shoot a MNF game.  Even people who don’t follow football can identify with the “Monday Night Football” brand.  It ended up being a great game that came down to the last play of the game and I’ve never heard Bank of America stadium so loud.


By the way Ray Lewis was looking right at my camera on that 2nd pic, you would have thought he was doing his own personal GQ photoshoot

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This was the game winning touchdown by Ted Ginn….but it happened on the wrong side of end zone for me to get the best shot 🙁
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0264 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0265

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