NFL Thursday Night Football in Charlotte, NC | Panthers vs. Giants


Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to shoot my first night game!! Charlotte, NC and the Carolina Panthers finally made it to the big stage on NFL Thursday Night Football. Unfortunately, the home team didn’t put on a great showing as the Giants got the best of us with a final score of 36-7. Our offense never got going the entire night. It sapped the energy out of the stadium and there were a lot of long faces on the Panthers sideline and in the stands. I have a lot more shots than this, but I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of Giants highlights 🙁

The NFL Network crew prepping and tweeting before the pre-game show.

Swimming and Track & Field Olympic medalists Ricky Berens and Manteo Mitchell

John Beason looking like the Terminator !

Leydy Bonilla singing the National Anthem

Victor Cruz didn’t get a chance to salsa in the end zone

Giants signal caller and last years Superbowl MVP Eli Manning

Gotta love the fans !!

I guess the one bright spot for me personally was I played Andre Brown in one of my fantasy leagues. He racked up 113 rushing yds and 2 TD’s 🙂

I did manage to capture the only Panthers score of the night…Cam Newton diving over the pile.

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