My new logo !!


So I’ve been trying to find the time to come up with a different business logo that I like a little better than my old one. M. Clay digital Photography is preparing to celebrate it’s official 1 year anniversary and I figured a nice gift would be a brand makeover. Your brand can be a big part of your business….of course with photography, your images should be your cornerstone.

But anyway, I came up with a new logo that I absolutely love. I wanted something that would look more like a “signature” on my images than an actual company logo. I also wanted something that felt a little more classy. It also helped that my Photoshop skills have improved leaps and bounds over when I first started so this only took me a couple hours instead of a couple weeks like my first one. Here is my final product:

I’m giving it a test run on my site and very satisfied with it so far….I think it’s a keeper. So now on to getting new biz cards and other stationary.

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