M. Clay Photography | Random Photo of the Week


So I will confess one New Year’s resolution which was to shoot more stuff for me this year.  As much as I enjoy photography and working with clients, I did not make much time to shoot for personal enjoyment last year.  That is something I committed to changing this year so expect many more posts like this.  I may shoot anything that looks interesting, something fun, something with my iPhone, something completely random, etc.  And I may post once, 3, or maybe even 5 times a week.  I think it will be something neat to mix in with the weddings and portraits…just to keep the blog interesting.  Here’s the first of many “Random Photo’s of the Week”.

Baron just happened to be laying right in some beautiful sun rays coming through the blinds which made some interesting light patterns across his head. It also captures the simple peacefulness of a sleeping dog.

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