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We shot Danielle & Chigozie’s wedding at the Westin hotel last month.  Needless to say, they are a stunning couple and also happen to be two of the most laid back and super nice people I’ve met.  I quickly learned from their engagement session that they are always interacting, playing, and laughing which makes photographing them so easy….and a lot of fun.  The wedding day was no different.  Our plans for outdoor photos got altered a bit  because it decided to rain that morning but Plan B worked out just fine.   Here are some images from their wedding day.

Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0123 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0124 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0125 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0126 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0127 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0133Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0128Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0134

I sware Danielle could be a face model. I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but if it did….she could easily pull it off.
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0129 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0130 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0131 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0132

They decided to do a first look before the ceremony
Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0140Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0141 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0142 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0143 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0144 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0135 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0136 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0137 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0138 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0139 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0145 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0146 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0147 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0148 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0149 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0150 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0151 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0152 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0153 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0154 Charlotte-wedding-photographer-blog_0155

The crew from Split Second Sound

And the rest of the team…Ivy from Silk Veil Wedding Planning, April from April’s Floral, and TJ from Images of Power

And me getting a few extra photo bombs in.  That’s so out of character for me 😉

Danielle & Chigozie…Thanks again for allowing us to participate in your special day and I sincerely wish you guys the absolute best in your new future together. | Charlotte Wedding Photographers


  • Dr Oliver akamnonu · Posted 08-16-13 at 9:28 am · Link · Reply

    Happy and lovely couple. Always remember this happy moment everyday as you go through life’s challenges. May you share in each other’s joys and tribulations. May you never forget to say to each other, “I love you”, any time life’s challenges come your way and lift up and look through your wedding album to again remember the joy on your faces at any dull or tempting moments. And may God continue to bless your marriage so that you too bring up your children with love and all the joint care that you two have enjoyed. From Oliver and Chika Akamnonu (your godparents).

  • juliet · Posted 08-17-13 at 2:59 am · Link · Reply

    This is a unique wedding my cuzz n his wife has hard.My prayer 4 them is that may ds union produce babies that will gv them joy.HML

  • Shirley S (NaNa) · Posted 08-21-13 at 5:44 pm · Link · Reply

    This looks like a wonderful wedding told in awesome pictures.

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